About the Executive Producers
Nicole  Halsey endearingly known as "Nikki" is a native of Queens, New York, presently residing in The Bronx, New York, U.S.A.  Her experience with coordinating special entrepreneurial projects with Junior Achievement of New York has inspired the unique business and promotion savvy that she exhibits today.

While in attendance at Kingsborough Community College, Ms. Halsey has involved herself with the following college organizations and clubs; the poetry club, the Scepter newspaper, the Antheon magazine, WKRB Radio Station, and is currently the Executive Producer of For Us! (an info-edutainment video program, produced by Kingsborough Community College students).

Ms. Halsey has lent her time, energy, talent and finance to initiating and coordinating several community service and student entrepreneurial programs such as; MuseIcNet (a support network for disadvantaged musicians), the Kingsborough C.C. Poetry Club fundraiser, a junior achievement initiative with South Brooklyn Youth Consortium Leadership Academy, and The Starlight Award Fundraiser (a special award presented by For Us! to outstanding teachers or students within Kingsborough Community College)

Due to Ms. Halsey's ability to put people at ease quickly with a bright, infectious smile and quick wit, numerous promotion agencies have sought after her talents.  This has given Ms. Halsey the opportunity to share and implement her dynamics and ideas with a wide variety of socially conscious activists.

Her strong belief in protecting our planet and its natural resources as well as being a natural big sister to her generation has led Ms. Halsey to assist in conceptualizing, developing, producing and promoting 25/50 Monday's
The Green Power Experience.

Ms. Halsey's love for children, knowledge, and a healthy lifestyle has made her a tireless advocate for educating the youth and protecting our environment and natural resources.  With her energy and pedigree, one can be sure that the positive expansion and influence of The Green Power Experience will be maximized by her creativity and ingenuity.