G.P.E.  F.A.Q.'s

What is G.P.E.?

The Green Power Experience (G.P.E.) is a private, charitable education and entertainment production entity headquartered in The Bronx, New York, U.S.A.. Our main focus is to advocate and promote green dynamics to families and youth worldwide.

What is G.P.E.’s mission?

To encourage, entertain and educate future stewards of the earth.

Why was G.P.E. created?

Over the years society has come to understand the importance of taking care of our planet and each other. This healthy idea and movement is known as “going green”.G.P.E. has found that developing a fully comprehensive community, family and youth interactionary program centered around the dynamics of “going green appeared to be a righteous and intelligent effort fitting today’s times and concerns. After conferring with many social program directors, commercial and spiritual community leaders it came as good sense to also incorporate into G.P.E. strong entrepreneurial concepts and dynamics. Hopefully, G.P.E. will do it’s part to leave a bright path of knowledge, wisdom and good deeds for the youth of the world.

What are G.P.E.’s objectives?

G.P.E.’s objectives are: A. To spread the understanding and practicality of “going green worldwide. B. To create a workable and enjoyable interaction between commercial entities and communities that need support in pursuing effective and intelligent green programs. C. To initiate green awareness dialogue within communities and households globally. D. To foster a stronger and more focused cohesiveness between fragmented families and disenfranchised youth. E. To utilize the strength, intellect and will of community based organizations as a means to inspire the uplifting of our youth and the communities healthy maintenance. F. To inspire youth to be kinder to each other and more respectful to the elderly. G. Provide activity for any community member that has an interest, the ability and the time to make a meaningful contribution to worthy causes.

Who benefits from G.P.E.?

Anyone who involves themselves with our green activities. That would include families, disadvantaged youth, sponsoring businesses, supporting organizations, proactive communities and hopefully our planet itself.

What keeps G.P.E. going?

It is the combined enthusiasm and perseverance of all those that have committed their time, energy, intellect, finance and good will toward a commongreen and healthy cause. With the help of its volunteers and sponsors G.P.E. aspires to light a positive path of green awareness for communities around the world.

How is G.P.E. contacted?

G.P.E. is contacted by several means:
Telephone: 347.346.7151
Email: GPMPwash@gmail.com
Website: www.TheGPE.webstarts.com
Internet RadioStation: www.blogtalkradio.com/GPEVNetRadio
Facebook: TheGreenPowerExperience
Twitter: GPEGreenPrint
Merchantcircle: www.member.merchantcircle.com/TheGreenPowerExperience
The producers of The Green Power Experience would like to talk a little bit about "Green Power" .
The"green power" that we're referring to is the practice of energy saving, recycling, toxic gas emission reduction and protecting our vital ecological systems.

The catch phrase "green power" is becoming the champion cry of ecologist, politicians and smart businesses in this new era of global warming, spiking oil prices and whole ecological systems on the verge of extinction.

The intelligent community is reaching out to and practicing the "green living"  lifestyle in consistently increasing numbers.  From the information passed down to us via the media, it is clear that our people and planet must embrace new options and dynamics for dealing with the many socially, economically and globally threatening issues we face today.

The Green Power Experience
is presently developing a collection of creative and dynamic events and social/student programs that champion the "green living"  lifestyle.  We will develop an info-edutainment video program showcasing these "green" events and social/student programs, produce them for internet TV (G.P.E.I.T.V) and utilize them as a visual training aid for the"green power" class seminars we plan to conduct for youth organizations.  We are now in production of "green power" events and social/student programs that champion the "green living" lifestyle and inspires youth all over the world.  Join us as we look to bring The Green Power Experience and it's new dynamics to your community.

We look forward to your participation with The Green Power Experience's new creative dynamic Green Print!
Green Power Experience
Green  Vision