About the Executive Producers
Archie Washington playfully known as "Chicago" hails from Chicago, Illinois. Born as one of the older males, in a Black-Foot Indian family of eleven, traveling across four continents in and out of military service, and having an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins whose religious faiths include Islamic, Jewish, Baptist and Catholic has blessed him with the ability to understand the pressing issues of our planet and its people.

Due to Mr. Washington's advanced awareness and intellect, by the age of eighteen he started raising a family. At this time in his life, he has produced four  sons, two daughters, four grandsons and a brand new baby granddaughter. It is because of his concern for his future generations of offspring that Mr. Washington has realized the need for The Green Power Experience.

Over the years Mr. Washington has coordinated and produced several special projects for his family and other companies and organizations. Some of his productions are listed as follows; the Def Jam Recordings Brooklyn give-a-ways, the YWCA talent show, the Flatbush Fair fashion show, the Gertz Plaza Mall video shoot, the Climax raffle, the Medgar Evers College Sadie Hawkins Dance raffle, The Daily News/Modell's promotion project, the revised Modell's team week program, 25/50 Monday and now The Green Power Experience.

Because of a sluggish world economy and its far reaching negative effects, finding and keeping happiness and joy is quite a task for the average person. Of course this means that our youth may have even a tougher time. Mr. Washington and Ms. Halsey's efforts to produce The Green Power Experience and use it as a shield for our youth and planet is to be commended.

We can be sure to look forward to positive and life changing dynamics initiated and championed by the vision, creativity, innovation, ability, determination, expertise, discipline and dedication of the producers of The Green Power Experience.